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Title: Nike Air Force 1 Easter 2020 Coming Soon
Post by: blair2019 on March 16, 2020, 09:35:07 pm
Nike Air Force 1 Easter 2020 (, less than one month before Easter. According to the convention, the color-matched color sneakers have recently been exposed. This year's new version of the egg Air Force 1 has recently released an official map. The design is quite new. It does not continue the iconic color stitching design. It uses pure white as the main color, and the toe and heel are presented with color gradients, bringing a different dazzling shape than before. Swoosh continues the refreshing temperament with pale yellow and purple grooves, which is especially suitable for spring feet. The tongue and sockliner have an Easter egg logo, highlighting the unique identity of the official Easter egg color scheme.

Nike Shox TL Nova ( is equipped with full palm Shox cushioning. Shox TL Nova is undoubtedly the trendy darling of personality players in the retro style. After Nike brought the Shox series back last year, many new shoe shapes have also been designed around Shox cushioning. Among them, the Nike Shox TL Nova, which has been specially created for women, has recently come in new colors. The new color scheme adds bright pink, royal blue and orange red stitching on the basis of black and white.The style is completely different from the previous color schemes.

Jordans 2019 Shoes (,This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 90. In addition to the classic color reproduction and new color releases, there is also a new shoe style inspired by it, the Air Max 2090, which will be officially released this month. In addition to the first color matching and multiple Air Max Day theme color matching exposures, there is also a new color matching official illustration released recently. At first glance, I almost thought it was the Shanghai Kaleidoscope Air Max 97! The overall shape of the new shoe inherits the style of the Air Max 90, but incorporates elements of future vehicles such as electric cars, making the shape more sci-fi. The upper is made of transparent cicada-wing material that is popular at the moment. Different positions use different transparency to bring a rich sense of layering.
Title: Re: Nike Air Force 1 Easter 2020 Coming Soon
Post by: wakagana on December 29, 2020, 05:05:09 am
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