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Title: Will the sex robot market grow?
Post by: usex on March 24, 2020, 04:17:36 pm
They may be a combination of silicone sex dolls ( and smart operating systems,  as well as some of the smart technologies that are already in existence,  but can this really bring about a revolution in robotics?

Robots that look  like humans will make people more willing to show their weaknesses,  such as human fears,  desires, and a variety of strange cockroaches. Sexual robots are more like umbrellas for them.

The changes will might not come as we imagined. The development of the virtual world is obviously confusing,  just like the age of e-sports games.  If we combine games with robots,  will we invest more time in researching robot characters, and of course its implementation requires more advanced science and technology support.  Based on the most basic human desires,  virtual eroticism is combined with robots.  Once put on the market,  sex robots may be more popular than imagined.