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中文交流区 (Chinese Discussion) / How to remove glue from wig lace
« on: August 29, 2019, 05:01:48 pm »
When we are pleased with the truth and beauty that lace wigs bring to us, for many wig wearers, removing the wig and removing the glue from the shoelace is also a problem. Today we will provide you with some ways to remove the glue from the wig lace. I hope everyone can use these methods very well.
These are the items that need to be prepared when removing glue: isopropyl alcohol, bowls, sponges, acetone, oil, alcohol, cotton swabs or small soft brushes, mirrors.
Five ways to remove glue:
1. Prepare 99% isopropanol, pour isopropyl alcohol into a bowl, then immerse the sponge in isopropyl alcohol and gently scrub the wig with a soaked sponge to ensure that each corner is scrubbed. After about a minute or two, use your fingers to directly wipe the glue off the wig. Do not soak the entire wig in alcohol as this may damage your wig.
2. The excess glue on the wig is also separated by acetone. Remove the bowl, pour 100% pure acetone into the bowl and pick out the glued area in the acetone solution. Again, don't use acetone to give the entire wig, as doing so will damage your wig. Soak the wig for 10 minutes until the glue begins to dissolve and the dissolved adhesive will appear at the bottom of the bowl.
3. If your skin is sensitive, it is recommended that you use olive oil or coconut oil as a degumming agent. They are mild to the skin and can be used to remove added adhesives. Unlike alcohol, they do not evaporate or dry the skin. . Any type or brand of oil can be used because we just want to use it to reduce the stickiness of the glue. Apply a little oil to the wig and then use a hair dryer to blow the oil onto the wig. You should be aware that after 12 inches from the wig, heat it for 30 seconds to soften it, leave the oil on the hair for one minute, and pull the micelle to the end of the wig to which it is attached, repeating the process. Until the glue is completely removed.
4. Place a cotton swab or a soft brush on the alcohol and apply it along the edges to the wig. After a few minutes, until the gap is clearly detached from the wig, the glue is peeled off from the wig and then gently applied from one side. Go to the other side.
You can also use a mirror to help you get rid of the glue. If you remove the glue from the lace wig, you will find glue residue on the wig, then you can use the mirror to slide the wig's bonding area. The glue residue will bring the residue on the wig to the mirror.

Ok, this is the sharing today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, bye!

Fanov Wig:

Probably everyone who wears a wig wants it to look more natural, so how can we tell how natural a synthetic wig is?
For now, Roman hair is the most natural hair.Roman hair can help women easily get a very real and realistic look.Nowadays, synthetic wigs have been so much improved in quality and naturalness that if you choose a high quality synthetic wig, people will have a hard time telling the difference from real hair.
Today we are going to talk about which synthetic wigs look more natural in three ways.
Wig material:
Synthetic fiber wigs are man-made fibers, such as acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, karon fiber and protein fiber, which are made into thin threads similar to human hair.Protein fiber is the fiber closest to human hair, but because of its high cost, synthetic hairpiece manufacturers rarely use it.At present, karon fiber is the most widely used material.
Wig style:
In the case of synthetic wigs, straight hair is the easiest to achieve a natural look.Sweet wavy hair can still achieve a soft and natural look without too much effort.Curly and bouncy curls may be brighter.Also, the smaller the curl, the more natural the wig will be.
Wig type:
The front lace wig is a great choice for wig wearers as it gives you a natural hairline.The lace is an almost perfect imitation of naturally growing hair, close to human skin, especially the hairline.You need to trim the lace part of your hair so that it blends well with your own hair so it looks more authentic.
Choosing a wig that suits you also takes into account your skin tone, face shape, style and care.Fanov Wig has been providing customers with high quality synthetic fiber wigs, you can also feel free to ask any questions about wigs here, we will give you the most professional answers.See you later.

Fanov Wig:

中文交流区 (Chinese Discussion) / Can synthetic wig be dyed
« on: August 29, 2019, 05:00:20 pm »
There are a lot of articles and video articles about dyeing synthetic wigs, and there are steps to dyeing hair, which many wig wearers are imitating.Our advice is that your synthetic wigs should not be dyed.
Here's why we don't recommend dyeing synthetic wigs:
Since synthetic wigs have been extensively treated, they have come to resemble a fabric, color, or pattern.In addition, most hair dyes contain ammonia or bleach, which can react and damage your wig, leaving it dry, dark and rough, and with shorter life.
One of the biggest consequences of dyeing your hair is that it's not as good as you might expect.Have you tried dyeing your hair at home?Maybe the end result is a bad color.After a bad DIY experience, almost smoke-choked, you may not get a good result at all.
You get an irreversible color.If your color attempts don't work, or your aesthetic changes, you need to know that you can't change color or texture.
Synthetic wigs come in many colors and styles, and if your attempts at color don't succeed, it's easy to find the one you want, so don't risk damaging your wig by dyeing it.
After see.

Fanov Wig:

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