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We asked sex biotechnology researchers whether what is currently available is really considered a sex robot, and what we can expect TPE sex doll  in the future. Spoiler alert: interpersonal relationships-even accidental (mostly or completely)-are not over yet. Sex toys and sex dolls are incredible tools, but human partners do many things, such as...

General Discussion / Love dolls for men-Why
« on: August 04, 2020, 03:52:27 pm »
Realistic Sex doll can help people manage and improve their marriages by separating love from sex.

It has also proven that the availability of sex dolls will help more couples redefine their marriage types. And find another way of marriage in the involvement of sex dolls.

Over the past few decades, as the popularity of adult toys has grown, more couples have used selective toys as a regulator of marriage and sex. But how does the use of tpe sex doll derive satisfaction from an overall marriage or relationship?

It is exactaly tpe materials which I was looking for. Realistic and easy to clean, just read uo on the note they send with the TPE sex doll.If you are looking to buy a sex doll. I recommend this manufactor for you. They are very professional in there business.

General Discussion / Want to built your own doll?
« on: July 29, 2020, 04:16:49 pm »
Browse the full realistic sex doll collection here. Take your time, there is a lot to see... Try to get a good idea of what you like, and what you don't like (if you don't already know).

The survey showed that 71% of men and 50% of women would replace their partners with sex robots. "Sex robots" mean more of an elaborate electronic doll. The history of female sex dolls - and why most sex dolls are women - is closely related to patriarchal violence. Its future is also true. Western culture encourages men I conceptualize myself as the master of a woman; there is not much to have a sex doll from there. I also want to know if the hegemony of a female realistic sex doll is related to the failure of imagination; for many straight men, the desire must be located in some women. Something on it.

But they have 'harmony', this is a tpe sex doll with an electronic animation head. Many customers of buying dolls don't buy them for sex. It is about the performance of a relationship, it is about friendship and intimacy...

Even so, there is no lack of objection, they may become very high-tech pornography, because this is not just a machine, but a woman you think of. This is unfounded. There are ethical issues; there is a problem with reducing stereotypes.

Usually this realistic sex doll service should be rejected because everyone’s image rights are protected.

General Discussion / Are you still looking for a light sex doll?
« on: July 24, 2020, 03:00:38 pm »
Have you purchased a realistic sex doll, but because of weight and cleaning problems, she has only been used as a display or has been hidden in the cabinet. Are you ready to buy a life-size doll, but are you discouraged by the pressure of weight? In fact, this is not a problem that cannot be solved, because with the improvement and development of sex doll technology, the weight defects of sex dolls have already been broken by new materials.

Polyurethane foam material and production process. The weight of the original silicone skin simulation doll is reduced by more than 50%, which has the characteristics of convenient carrying, high simulation and soft touch, and has a strong advantage in price.

Of course, the same type of TPE sex doll, different manufacturers, different heights, different materials will present a different user experience. There are also some users who like heavy dolls. When you don't know what kind of doll you like, it's best to compare it by actually touching or asking for the information you bought.

General Discussion / Quality Lifelike Sex Dolls
« on: July 23, 2020, 04:20:21 pm »
Crystal is a beautiful young girl slender figured with pert boobs TPE sex doll.Her beauty is quite remarkable.Just like her name crystal glittering in the crowd,looks like a princess,so does she thinks.Maybe one day, the prince she waited for suddenly appeared.May be you are the right prince she looking forward to.

General Discussion / So you want your very own custom made sex doll?
« on: July 22, 2020, 04:25:36 pm »
Click TPE sex doll to Choose your options

If you want to build from scratch, that's easy too... Browse the full realistic sex doll collection here. Take your time, there is a lot to see... Try to get a good idea of what you like, and what you don't like (if you don't already know).

tpe sex doll
A cute japanese girl with big boobs, She is full of young teenager's energytic and will always stand by your side follow your orders without any complains. Okay,you won't miss her...
Sarah has brown hair and slender body , you can fell her tighten skin and graceful body curve.She can't waite to show off her charming temperament to you.

General Discussion / 140cm 4.59ft Japanese Real Sex Doll
« on: July 20, 2020, 03:32:07 pm »
April is our multiracial, curly-haired princess. Her people are from Louisiana, and she will tell you stories about how her grandmother and great grandmother used to rule as the placage queens of the quadroon balls, driving European men crazy with their coffee-colored skin and insatiable appetite for sex.

April is a sweet girl with a soft and submissive nature, but take her to bed and you’ll get a taste of the wildness of her ancestors when she’s caught up in the throes of pleasure! Men adore April because she is such a delightful package of innocence and sexuality. And you’ll adore her too because she’s definitely long-term relationship material.

Hackers can invade robots or automation devices and gain full control of interfaces, arms, legs, and other connecting tools—such as tools and welders—and once the robot is invaded, the hacker has full control and can give the robot Command.

Whether and how the government regulates robots will depend on our understanding or assumptions about the impact of sexual robots on individuals and society.

Just as Tpe sex doll become more and more artificial, sex robots become more and more intelligent, can generate daily emotional communication with users like humans, and have permanent memories, can establish emotional connections and remember users. The preference.

From the current point of view, some realistic sex doll in the market already have a “submissive personality”, which may lead to the risk of encouraging rape.In addition, legal protection measures vary from country to country. Previously, a British man was jailed for possessing child sex dolls (and other pornographic materials). But in the United States, they are still legal.

Discount custom sex doll sale at Cheap sex doll and daily sex doll deals.
    sexrealdoll is a global supplier of the TPE sex doll. We provide quality dolls with top-rated customer service.  We have warehouse overseas,  we ship love dolls from our warehouse to your home in the local country. So we can get the product delivered quickly.

We offering our customers the most realistic sex doll available, and make their dream dolls come true. Our adult sex dolls mimic the appearance and the size of real humans, so the adult sex dolls can bring real feelings to users.
We offer discreet free shipping worldwide via FedEx, DHL and UPS.
Encrypted data and the safest payment. Sexrealdoll protects our customers' privacy all the time.

General Discussion / Big boob sex dolls
« on: July 15, 2020, 04:58:10 pm »
Many tpe sex doll fans love “extraordinary featured” females that are not available in real life. Therefore, they would like to have sex dolls to meet their fantasy and dream. One of the most popular fantasy people always have is the big boobs sex dolls. This big boob sex doll is all woman. If you want a big ass and tits to play with, we have an amazing doll for you. She has those larger than lives boobs we’ve been telling you about, and they’re paired with a big, curvy ass realistic sex doll.

General Discussion / 2020 online sex toys consumption report
« on: July 14, 2020, 03:46:08 pm »

Sex toys / tpe sex doll search orders by day at night is more common From the point of time distribution, consumers prefer to place the order during the day, focus on 9 a.m. - 17 PM, and from the point of search preferences, consumers search enthusiasm is higher during the night, concentrated in the 21 PM to 2 am.o

realistic sex doll

General Discussion / Khalifa - Real Life Love Doll
« on: July 07, 2020, 03:32:38 pm »
Khalifa - Realistic Sex Dolls

Package include:
1* TPE Sex Doll
1* Wig
1* Clothes (Sexy Lingerie,Sent at random)
1* Cleaning Pot

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