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Sex Doll will leave you with an experience you never have had before. Dolls provide a wonderful sex experience and can satisfy absolutely all your desires.
Make your sex fantasies true!
Most respected and awarded sex doll manufacturer.
Highest quality TPE sex dolls. Custom made especially doll for you.
Feels like a real human. Realistic skin, holes, and movements.

General Discussion / How to store your sex doll?
« on: January 19, 2020, 02:51:11 pm »
The most common area for people’s sex toys is either in their bedside cabinet (too small for us) or under their bed.

Storing sex toys under the bed is usually my first choice, people are far less likely to explore under your bed, than anywhere else.

Example, people may go in your closet, through your personal things, and in your bedside cabinets, but the chances of them moving stuff from under your bed is slim. Here’s the best way to hide adult toys under your bed.

General Discussion / Wonder Girl Sex Doll
« on: January 18, 2020, 11:37:21 am »

167cm (5ft5') Wonder Girl Sex Doll with Fitness Body - Rona

Rona is a sexy wonder girl with a fitness body. She can do wonders on your body too if you let her do her thing on the bed with you.

See more of her right here

General Discussion / Artificial adult sex product
« on: January 15, 2020, 05:06:58 pm »
Sex dolls are like condoms that we often find.They are adult products.Some requirements are normal and cannot be explained by pornography. Like today's sex dolls, the look is not only closer to the real human body, but even the skin is restored with the highest technology.If you don't look carefully, you'll think it's a real person.

General Discussion / Real love Sex dolls for you
« on: January 14, 2020, 02:20:19 pm »
According to reports, a large part of buying sex dolls comes from remote areas. In some specific institutions, there are a large number of people who need sex dolls. This not only refers to sex and companionship, but more importantly, they can Your spiritual trust, the lonely person always needs to find a dependency.This has become a treatment in psychiatry to help those in trouble,

In the country that exports 70% of the world ’s sex dolls, China, the development of sex dolls is fast, and it also gives infinite endless vitality to sex dolls. They are going to the world with the most advanced technology and the most authentic features.

The app-controlled Lioness sex toy was one of the finalists for the CES 2020 innovation awards, an annual technology fair in Las Vegas.The smart vibrator nomination for the award comes exactly a year after an argument with another finalist.In the 2019 edition, the Ose model created by Lora DiCarlo won the innovative product of the year award.But the product lost its name because sex toys could not participate in the controversy.Read: sex robots: review five curious models launched in 2019The company's boss even accused the macho organization.But CES turned around and returned the prize to the product, which was deemed "immoral, obscene and indecent" by the association representing American technology companies.The expo 2020 marks the entry of sex products into the health and wellness innovation awards competition.

Read more at Realistic sex dolls

General Discussion / How do sex dolls work?
« on: January 08, 2020, 04:56:12 pm »
This part of the sex doll is not like the human body, the face and sexual organs are well taken care of during the creation process. Therefore, you most likely don't like her feet. If this is the case, buy her a pair of sexy stockings and wear them on her to cover up her feet. Black nylon stockings are always sexy with high heels.

Prepare a set of accessories for the character doll to match the costume in cosplay. You can make her look like your favorite character in video games, movies or books. The most popular role playing is role playing from Japanese anime and manga genres. Just putting these clothes and accessories on one doll, you seem to be able to "play around" with multiple sex dolls.

What did you usually do on weekends? We may enjoy an extra hour of sleep in bed, play video games in the morning, or ... also easily walk to the city to visit the "Erotic Robot Museum" ...

Of course, this may not be possible in China, but in a year, it may become a reality in Spain ... provided that the Spanish company Lumi Dolls really intends to do something!

According to the digital media trend, more and more companies are now trying to circumvent laws prohibiting the operation of brothels by introducing realistic robots. The company describes itself as "Europe's number one toy agency."

Although it is currently mainly producing still sex doll, is also working to expand its operations, trying to combine the latest artificial intelligence technology with sex dolls.

TPE and silicone are soft materials, so the fidelity of the two is almost similar, with only small differences. However, if we are talking about realism and lifelike features, silicone sex dolls have the upper hand because of the development of new technologies in recent years, the silicone industry continues to grow.


Silicone sex dolls have the finest vagina and other body parts. The TPE industry is in the development stage, so the definition of TPE sex doll is not as good as silicone, but the appearance is still realistic. For example, from B cup to C cup in silicone material dolls feel more realistic TPE material dolls.


You have to take special care to ensure that even the inside is dry, as some moisture tends to disappear from your sight at that time. As mentioned before, TPE is porous, any excess moisture will enter the doll body, and eventually cause mold and material damage. The powder mentioned in the previous tip will also greatly help you keep your doll hydrated. When not in use, expose the doll to the air to ensure that the moisture in the gap can be evaporated under any circumstances.

Sex is one of the most common physiological desires of adults in adulthood.This physical deficiency is critical and will be perfected in a very satisfying way.Otherwise, it will become the cause of unhealthy life and restlessness.In most cases, we tend to find people uncomfortable debating their problematic sensory lives and unsure of their beds.However, people fantasize about sensory behaviors of various styles and expect their partners to acquire these behaviors from their partners after they have spent a good time together romantically.If you still want to spend a romantic evening with your partner, the lifelike sex doll square designed for sensual behavior will help you in a great way.Well, if this is simply the case, then why haven't you tried sex doll so far?These dolls are square sized for sensual pleasure alone in bed.They are by far the most intriguing sex toys on the market.So, if you still haven't bought, please search online immediately and then start looking for adults.

General Discussion / Wear and tear on TPE dolls
« on: December 27, 2019, 04:25:47 pm »
Hi, my silicone sex doll has tried to tear at the foot with silicone, but just open up any closure method and use method again.

It is too high or too low to exceed room temperature. Silicon cannot be placed in an environment that is too low or too high for a long time. Please keep the storage environment temperature between 5-35 ℃ / 40-95 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, you can use an electric blanket. Warm the sex doll but please make sure that its temperature is not too high to prevent the doll from being squeezed. Avoid storing the doll during compression. Long-term compression will deform the sponge and silicon. Do not place heavy objects on the doll. Any sandwich doll of tight dolls has been for a long time. Keep the real doll in a position free from external forces When placed, the real doll should remain unfolded, and bending or squeezing for a long time will cause cracks and creases in the silicon.

General Discussion / Are you seeking tpe makeup remover?
« on: December 25, 2019, 04:44:38 pm »
It is semi permenant lip stick colouring the kind you paint on.

I managed to get most of the spills cleaned up with just water and a soft cloth but i have seen make up removers offered that were claimed to be safe for TPE.

It is a tan body colour.

I am venturing into new territory doing make up, and found i need a good make up remover for TPE sex doll. i know there are some but need one that wont hurt the skin of the model. thanks much appreciate help on this.

i was able to get most of what i needed to adjust with water and soft paper towels but would be better to know next time a good remover.

General Discussion / The future of sex
« on: December 24, 2019, 04:34:58 pm »
There is a paragraph in "trisome" describing the future human attitude towards gender relations and marriage. In one sentence, it is summarized as "no one cares about marriage and no one cares whether they are male or female. According to the description in the book, future humans don't care if they have sex with the opposite sex or same sex, and no one wants to be tied up by marriage. Many of them even go to hundreds of thousands of sex parties in a calamity. I have to say that Da Liu's thoughts are still very far-sighted and are not restrained by the current stereotypes. Da Liu sees it through. I am convinced that in the future, marriage will gradually die. One person is likely to date several people at the same time. Of course, the object of dating may also be the opposite sex or same sex. No one will worry about whether you like women or men. What is your opinion? More and more realistic sex dolls are another way to no marriage.

Sexologist Wim Slabbinck believes that sex dolls can be a good solution for people who don't have close relationships but don't want to visit sex workers. "I firmly believe that the use of sex dolls and even sex robots will continue to prevail," he explained.

"A lot of businessmen who live in nearby hotels come to visit occasionally. I received several couples and a disabled person. My biggest client is 81. I have a client in his sixties and his wife doesn't want to have sex anymore , But he is still willing. He feels that finding a real sex worker will lie. "

These realistic sex dolls have different bodies, their own stories and even their names. Zohra has blond curly hair and is one of the most popular dolls, as is Linda with XL breasts. Jacobs imports dolls from Asia. "The first dolls came from the United States, but each doll cost me about 2,000 euros. Prices from China are much cheaper," he explained.

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