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 on: July 25, 2019, 02:29:19 am 
Started by jamesalejp57 - Last post by jamesalejp57
Three Deadly Weapons That Will Wreck The Sale of Your Business


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 on: July 25, 2019, 02:28:44 am 
Started by jamesalejp57 - Last post by jamesalejp57
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Adding a little spice and intrigue to the story is Sebastian's falling in love with Katrina, the eldest daughter of Branold, whom he secretly marries and impregnates. However, unfortunately, Katrina in desperation and despondent disappears into the forest to await the birth of her child, Subsequently, feigning her death and eventually winds up fleeing across the kingdom of Westfield.

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 on: July 22, 2019, 12:52:35 pm 
Started by admin - Last post by Micarba
I've been following for a long time from this topic.

 on: July 22, 2019, 12:51:07 pm 
Started by admin - Last post by Micarba
A good example should be an example.

 on: July 15, 2019, 02:06:34 am 
Started by jamesalejp57 - Last post by jamesalejp57

シドニーへのフライトは世界中の多くの場所から提供されています。ツアーオペレーターは休日の旅行者に素晴らしいパッケージを提供しています。パッケージには、<a href="" title=シュプリーム キャップ 千葉>シュプリーム キャップ 千葉</a>フライト予約とホテル予約の両方が含まれています。さらに、観光ツアーや旅行保険がインセンティブとして追加されています。

そこ。これは、友人や家族が自分の携帯電話の周りで頻繁に興奮して待つときです。女性は男性のためのクリスチャンルブタンの靴が大好きです。例えば、あなたがクリスチャンルブタンビアンカのこのペアに現れるとき、あなたはそれらをすぐに手に入れたいと思うかもしれません。彼らは非常に偉大な事実上すべてのものを使用してあなたに中古のクリスチャンルブタンの靴を買いに到着します。 Christian Louboutin OTK Bootsを使用している間に起こることはすべて、ここで完璧に識別されるようになることです。

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Cross <a href="" title=supreme ダルメシアン 激安>supreme ダルメシアン 激安</a><a href="" title=supreme パーカー 並行輸入>supreme パーカー 並行輸入</a> Spy Cameraを見ると、あなたがそれを身に着けているときそれはきれいではありませんが、それが設計され、使用されている目的はそれを非常に良くするものです。基本的に、十字架はそれに接続されている優れた機能と機能を持っているだけのペンダントです。ファッションデザイナーやモデルが彼らのビジネスにそれを使用しています。この装置は私が本当のスパイ技術と呼んでいるものです。この装置は他の慣習的な十字架よりはるかに<a href="" title=シュプリーム シャツ サイズ>シュプリーム シャツ サイズ</a>よく、それはそれのカメラそしてカムコーダーの質のために最近時間で最もよいと評価されます。それは8GBの内蔵メモリを持っています。それは法廷で証拠として使用されるかもしれない良いと秘密のビデオを作成することができます。

 on: July 15, 2019, 02:05:51 am 
Started by jamesalejp57 - Last post by jamesalejp57

東ケープは南アフリカの最高の目的地です。場所は多数の浜および<a href="" title=シャネル ドーヴィル コピー>シャネル ドーヴィル コピー</a>自然な美による大きい観光客の流入を見る。ビーチビューは、この地域の小さな村で、絶滅危惧種の鳥がたくさんいます。ここでは有名なオイスターキャッチャーも見られます。バードウォーキング、水泳、マウンテンバイクなどのアクティビティがここで大規模に行われています。ブルーホライズンベイは、その透き通った水とビーチで有名なもう一つの美しい地域です。サーフィンはここで楽し<a href="" title=supreme キャップ yahoo>supreme キャップ yahoo</a>める人気のアクティビティです。


今<a href="" title=supreme パーカー 生地>supreme パーカー 生地</a>日では、結婚式の靴は店だけでなくオンラインでも見つかります。そして、選択できる靴のブランドは1つだけではなく、数百もあります。女性が持<a href="" title=supreme コート メンズ>supreme コート メンズ</a>っていることを切望している最も人気のある結婚式の靴の一つはクリスチャンルブタンの結婚式の靴です。 Jimmy Chooと同じように、Christian Louboutinも彼の結婚式の靴を通して女性の心を魅了してきました。

ヨハネスブルグに行って素晴らしい経験をしましょう。市内の有名なライオンパークは確かな訪問に値する。ここで、人は近距離で多くの捕食者を見ること<a href="" title=シュプリームのコピー>シュプリームのコピー</a>ができます。ライオンズ、チーター、野生の犬、斑点を付けられたハイエナと黒い裏ジャッキルはここにあります。珍しい白いライオンを見ることもできます。神秘的なサルと羽の野生動物公園のツアーもお勧めします。この公園では38種類の霊長類とたくさんの鳥が見られます。

オーガニックTシャツと呼ばれるのには<a href="" title=シュプリーム リュック 激安>シュプリーム リュック 激安</a>とても時間がかかります。luxurybrandsale2019
厳密な指針に従わなければならないので、企業は真にそうでは<a href="" title=シュプリーム パーカー 最後の晩餐>シュプリーム パーカー 最後の晩餐</a>ないときに有機性衣料品を製造すると言うことはできません。最も重要なのは、肥料や農薬を使って植物の成長を早めたり、害虫を遠ざけたりすることができないことです。シャツは動物の残留物や植物性物質から作られる天然染料で着色されている必要がありますので、それらは環境に有害ではありません。

Arton Sennaの引用は、アスリートがゾーンでの経験をどのように表現または説明するかについての一般的な説明です。ドライバーは車とマージし、テニスプレーヤーはボールとコートで頭を結び、ゴルファーはクラブとボールと一体になり<a href="" title=シュプリーム tシャツ モバオク>シュプリーム tシャツ モバオク</a>ます; 等々。

 on: July 04, 2019, 02:12:40 pm 
Started by panxing18 - Last post by panxing18
The Jays come to town Justin Verlander Jersey , and we talked to their SBNation site"Tom Dakers is the site manager over at Bluebird Banter, the SBNation site for the Toronto Blue Jays. He asked me some questions about the Twins (Click here to see my answers) and in return, I asked him a few of my own. He was a good sport and got me the answers, so lets learn a little more about the Twins next opponent.1. The Blue Jays have the absolute misfortune of playing in the AL East, where they have to compete with the big money Yankees and Red Sox, plus the somehow competitive Rays every year. What would have to happen for the Blue Jays to win the division, and do you see that happening any time soon? Is it this year, with Boston being bad, and the entire Yankees roster headed for the IL, or is the Rays hot start going to be too much to overcome?It isn’t this year. I feel pretty confident in that one. It could happen in the 2 or 3 years. The Jays have a number of very good prospects. Vlad, Bo Bichette, Danny Jansen, Nate Pearson. Rowdy Tellez, Anthony Alford and a handful of others could become an excellent core for the team. And they should have money available to pick up free agents to fill whatever holes the lineup might have. After this season there isn’t much payroll on the books, other than the new contract for Randal Grichuck. Most of this season is going to see the team trying to figure out which prospects are ready to force their way onto the Jays roster, but I’m not expecting a lot of winning. But鈥?.if you would like to switch divisions, I’d be all for it. 2. Like the Twins, the Blue Jays also hired a new manager. What do you think of Charlie Montoyo so far, and what does he bring to the table that John Gibbons didn’t?Everyone seems to like Charlie. When he was hired, all of baseball seemed to be thrilled for him.There was a lot of speculation that the new manager would have to be able to speak Spanish, as the team has a number of Spanish speaking players and prospects and, as much as those guys learn to speak English, sometimes it is easier to get messages across in someone’s native tongue.As a manager, he seems to be an interesting mix of old school and new school. He understands analytics much better than John Gibbons did Houston Astros Jersey , but he also seems to be more willing to use the bunt and hit and run (we actually had a successful hit and run last week). He’s using more shifting, he has the outfield playing further back and he likes the third baseman playing further off the line. There will be some on the job training. He’s had a couple of interesting moments with the bullpen, and he made a mistake by not calling for a review on a play where he really should have, and his batting orders confuse me, but he seems smart enough to learn from his mistakes.The players seem to like him a lot. I grew up watching managers who were far more adversarial with their players, but I think this is the better way to do things these days. 3. The Blue Jays traded away a few players at the start of the season, which is a bit unusual. What exactly does that mean, and where does that leave you, as fan, feeling about the team?Yeah Kendrys Morales and Kevin Pillar have been moved. I believed Morales would be untradable but I was happy to be wrong. Opening up a roster spot for a younger player and opening the DH spot so it could used to rest everyday players on occasion seems a good move for a rebuilding team.Pillar? Well, his offense was never great and his defense isn’t what it was a couple of years ago. It is kind of unfair to consider a guy old at age 30, but most of Kevin’s value was his defense. Add in that he had no respect for his body, willing to run into fences or throw himself to the ground to make catches, no matter the score, had us wondering how he would age. I think the team looked to trade him in the off-season but didn’t get much interest. The return, for a player who was a fan favorite, seemed a little light, but then again Kevin is hitting .155 for the Giants at the moment.Neither guy was going to be part of the team after the rebuild. 4. Vlad Guerrero Jr. is probably the most exciting prospect in baseball right now. When is he expected to be called up? Why did the Blue Jays keep him down -- is it just service time manipulation, or are there actual holes in his game? Also, how excited are you to watch him mash taters for the next six or seven (or more) years?Service time. Service time. Service time.I mean, he’s not going to be great defensively at third base. He’s more than a bit on the heavy side and he won’t have the range we might like. I very much doubt he’ll still be playing third in 5 years. But keeping him in the minors for another week or two isn’t going to turn him into a Gold Glover.The Jays have an excuse for him still being in the minors, he missed time at the end of spring with an oblique strain. He’s just back playing. I’m thinking that he might be up just after the series with the Twins or, if not, within the next week or two.How excited am I? Oh I don’t have a way to put it into words. I can’t wait to see him , and Bo Bichette, bat in the middle of the order for the next 7 to 20 years. I often say the best part about being a baseball fan is watching young players develop and mature. To get the watch the son of a Hall of Famer, whose father I watched when he was an Expo, I can’t think of anything better. 5. Who do the Twins get to face for starting pitchers, and what should we expect from them?Monday: Matt Shoemaker. Matt was a free agent signing this winter. He was a buy low guy, coming back from a couple of injury filled seasons. He has been much much better than I hoped. He went 7 innings allowing just 2 hits in each of his first two starts. After three starts he has a 0.92 ERA and 3 wins (not bad on a team with 5 wins total).Tuesday: Aaron Sanchez. Aaron is trying to have a comeback year after two injury filled seasons. He looks a lot more like the guy who had the best ERA in the AL in 2016. He’s throwing harder and his curveball has returned. He’s getting strikeouts again, and had been keeping the ball on the ground. After 3 starts he has a 1.69 ERA.Wednesday: Trent Thornton. Trent’s first two MLB starts were excellent, far better than any of us expected. His third start, against the Rays, was a disaster, 8 hits, 3 homers in 3 innings. There was a suggestion that he was tipping pitches. His curve rates near the top of the MLB for spin rate.Thursday: Clay Buchholz. Sunscreen Boy had his first start for the Jays Saturday and it went surprisingly well, giving up just 1 run in 6 innings of work. He doesn’t throw hard, he topped out at just under 90 MLB on his fastball, but he also threw a cutter, curve and change. He didn’t allow a walk and got a lot of groundballs. I’ll admit I was less than thrilled when they signed him, but he spent a good part of today’s game talking to Thornton and Shoemaker, about how he gripped his pitches and he was first up to cheer his teammates when something good happened. He doesn’t have the long greasy hair anymore, but his arm was still shiny with sunscreen on the day he pitched.6. Who is one player that we probably haven’t heard of who will have an impact on the series?Billy McKinney, an outfielder we picked up from the Yankees in the J.A. Happ trade had a great day Sunday, hitting two doubles and a home run. He seems to have rebounded from a slow start to the season. He has some speed, power and the ability to take a walk, which isn’t something you can say about many Blue Jays. And Rowdy Tellez, a rookie who has a great name Hector Rondon Jersey , hit a home run in Boston that Statcast initially told us went 505 feet. When the media figured out that that would make it the longest ever in Fenway Park, it caused a bit of a stir. Unfortunately, the eye test suggested it was more likely somewhere around 405 feet, still a good long homer, but not one that would move Ted Williams to the number two spot in Fenway history. 7. Who wins the series?Man, I’d love a series win sometime this season, but I’m too much of a realist. Let’s guess we split the series, I’ll hope for continued good pitching from our starters and maybe a couple more players pull out of their early season slumps. Or perhaps Freddy Galvis hits a couple more home runs and continues to lead the team in home runs, batting average and, well, everything else. For the last time this spring, we see an NL West rival."Interesting to see Ray going up against a divisional rival, in what I’m assuming is his final start before the regular season. It’s likely because we don’t see San Francisco until quite some way into the schedule - our first game against the Giants is not until May 17. Give how many at-bats they’ll have between now and then, it’s not as if seeing Ray for two or three this afternoon will make any difference. Jarrod Dyson starts in center. He has only managed five at-bats thus far in spring; Adam Jones hasn’t many more (9), so it’ll be interesting to see how the team handles playing time, with only three more pre-season games to go. Will there be enough PAs to get both men fully ready?I was hoping to get to this one, and hang out with snakecharmer and asteroid on the lawn at Scottsdale. Unfortunately, Mrs. SnakePit needed the car for work: as is, I’ll be putting my life on the line and taking the bus and light-rail over to Tempe later on. So the recap on this one will potentially be delayed, though I hope to get most of it knocked out before I begin my perilous journey by walking to a bus-stop! If you don’t hear from me again, you can get DNA off my tooth-brush. :)

 on: July 04, 2019, 01:52:16 pm 
Started by panxing18 - Last post by panxing18
Patrick McDermott/Getty ImagesThe Baltimore Orioles reportedly parted ways with manager Buck Showalter on Wednesday.Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported that Showalter will not be back with the O's "in any capacity" next season.USA Today's Bob Nightengale first reported on September 21 that Showalter was expected to be canned following the conclusion of the 2018 season.For the Orioles Kennys Vargas Jersey , the move was a no-brainer.Baltimore was a major league-worst47-115this season andjoined the1962 New York Mets and 2003 Detroit Tigers as the only teams in the expansion era to win fewer than 50 games.Plus, Showalter was never a fit to lead the Orioles through what figures to be an extensive and arduous rebuild after Manny Machado, Zach Britton,Kevin Gausman,Darren O'Day andJonathan Schoop were all shipped out of town in advance of the trade deadline.Dan Szymborski of FanGraphs speculated that Showalter's relationship with general manager Dan Duquette may have played a role in his firing:Dan Szymborski DSzymborskiIm not surprised the Os are parting ways with Buck. I think you need a GM and a manager that are on the same page and its been increasingly apparent for the last six months that Duquette was more likely to stay.Showalter, 62 , will now depart Baltimore with a669-684 recordacross eight seasons and change with the Orioles dating back to his installation as the club's manager midway through the 2010 campaign. All told, his career record sits at 1,551-1,517.The highlight of his time in Charm City came in 2014 when the Orioles went 96-66, captured the franchise's first American League East title since 1997 and made a run to the ALCS before their season was ended by the Kansas City Royals.Since then, the Orioles have managed one winning season as the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees re-established themselves as the class of the division.Showalter will now sit back and wait as spots open up in dugouts across MLB as he eyes a fresh start in a new locale. Hannah Foslien/Getty ImagesHaving already acquired J.A. Happ Rod Carew Jersey , the New York Yankees bolstered their starting rotation even further on Monday by adding Minnesota Twins starting pitcher Lance Lynn.The Yankees announcedthey traded first baseman Tyler Austin and minor league starting pitcher Luis Rijo to the Twins in return for Lynn.Sports Illustrated's Jon Tayler questioned the move from New York's perspectivesince the teamtradedright-handed reliever Adam Warren, who essentially occupied the same role Lynn likely will with the pitching staff:Jon Tayler, Smiling Politely JATaylerSo the Yankees salary-dumped a good reliever/swingman in Adam Warren to get a worse pitcher in Lance Lynn (who hasnt pitched in relief since 2012), and they also gave up cheap 1B/OF depth to do it in Tyler Austin. I cant say that I follow the logic here.TheNew York Post's Joel Sherman reported the Yankees at least won't add much money to their payroll by essentially swapping Warren for Lynn:Joel Sherman Joelsherman1Lynn owed about $4.3M. Hear #Twins will pay about $2M of that. Between offset and dealing Warren and $1.18M-ish left on his deal, #Yankees stayed about neutral in salary in this days work.Lynn might benefit from a move to the bullpen. In his first two years since undergoing Tommy John surgery, he's 18-16 with a 4.02 ERA and a 4.78 FIP Brian Dozier Jersey , according toBaseball Reference.However, Lynn hasn't pitched in a relief role since the 2015 postseason, and his last regular-season appearance out of the bullpen was in 2012.Ultimately, the Yankees may value Lynn's ability to move into the rotation in an emergency over Warren's proven track record as a reliever.The Twins, meanwhile, get a 26-year-old first baseman who's underteam controlfor four more seasons and a young pitcher who might develop into something down the road.Austin is batting .230 with 15 home runs and 43 RBI in 85 career MLB games Justin Morneau Jersey , and the 19-year-old Rijo is4-1 with a 2.77 ERA in seven minor league appearances in 2018.That's a solid return given both Lynn's performance and the fact he's only a half-season rental.

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Let’s get back to... assisting the marketing department , shall we?"But first, let’s see what cheers you all came up with. In first place, Mr. Jack Sommers!In a very close second, we find Mak!And last but not least, rounding out the podium, Diamondhacks, with a two part entry. Technically, only the first half got enough recs, but I’ll include both halves just for completenessAnd now for the updated standings. This week is Makakilo’s first time making the leaderboard this season George Springer Jersey , but Hacks and Jack have both been here before. Mr. Sommers moves into a tie for first place, but Hacks is right behind him and Preston, trailing them by only two recs.First Half Standings ContestantScoresContestantScoresLast year, I asked you to come up with an idea for a pre game giveaway item. It was a lot of fun, but this season, the Dbacks’ marketing team has stepped up their already pretty awesome game. I mean, Haboob globe anyone? That adds an extra level of difficulty to the challenge, I think, so let’s do it again. Come up with a pre game giveaway idea that out does the current slate of options. Go! No dour allowed"WhiteFanposts FanpostsFanshotsSections AnalysisGame RecapsGamethreadsMinorsOffbeatFull ArchiveExclusives South Side Sox Hall of FameCard of the MonthDeep DiveDigitsFlashbackFranchise FactsKnow Your EnemyMost Essential White SoxRace to the BottomSix Pack of StatsSouth Side SnapSouth Side StumperSSS Literary SupplementSuper Stats PackThe Game I’ll Never ForgetTwitterpatingUnder the RadarView From the Other SideWhite Sox on SB Nation HomeStoriesScheduleRosterStatsWhite Sox on Yahoo! HomeDepth ChartTransactionsMasthead MastheadMeet the Players!Links White Sox Web LinksSouth Side Sox standardsCommunity GuidelinesOdds Shop StubHub 鉁昈ffbeatHappy Opening Day!New Evan Gattis Jersey ,103commentsNo dour allowedCDTShareTweetShareShareHappy Opening Day!My bitmoji is super excited for Opening Day: Then again, she didn’t have to experience this offseason.This article will not discuss players who signed with other teams, or who were traded to other teams. It will not mention owners or front office people or Twitterverse trolls. It will not name websites that traffic in fancy stats or metrics or W-L projections, all of which are pretty dismal regarding our Chicago White Sox. It will not fret about rebuilds or injuries.Because Opening Day is for hope and joy and hope again.“Opening Day” are the best two words there are, in any language. Other contenders for that title include:Pay dayHot fudge“Good dog”Multiple orgasmOcean view“I quit!”Tomorrow, we worry. But today is Opening Day. And for one brief, shining moment, anything is possible.It is possible that Carlos Rodon becomes a true ace, and that Lucas Giolito becomes Gavin Floyd.It is possible that Jace Fry channels Matt Thornton , Ryan Burr becomes the best use of international bonus slot money ever, and Alex Colome stops us all from hiding behind our hands when entering the ninth with a lead.It is possible that James McCann does a decent Ron Karkovice impression, and that Wellington Castillo hits well enough to become somebody else’s problem at the trade deadline.It is possible that a platoon of Yonder Alonso and Jose Abreu affords enough rest for both of the aging sluggers that the dingers and doubles just keep coming all season long.It is possible that Eloy Jimenez beats out Vlad, Jr. for AL Rookie of the Year.It is possible that Daniel Palka is Ron Kittle — a flash in the pan, in the end, but a really entertaining one for a few years.It is possible that Yoan Moncada reminds us of Robin Ventura (as a hitter, not a manager), and Tim Anderson reminds us of Alexei Ramirez.It is possible that Yolmer Sanchez is even weirder and more wonderful than usual.The bliss of Opening Day pops quickly, of course Dallas Keuchel Jersey , a big bubble leaving you with gum all over your face. It may last an inning, a game, or if you’re lucky, a week. But enjoy it while it’s here. It won’t come again for 365 days.In fact, the only negative thought I offer on Opening Day 2019 is this: Regular season baseball should not be played in March. Then again, if the Sox get rained out or snowed out or frozen out today, then we get to have Opening Day all over again tomorrow.See you in the gamethread!

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NEW YORK (AP) — Mookie Betts and the Boston Red Sox won their third consecutive AL East championship Thursday night Andrew McCutchen Jersey , clinching on enemy turf with an 11-6 victory over the rival New York Yankees.Betts homered, doubled twice and drove in five runs, finishing with four hits as the Red Sox overcame Giancarlo Stanton’s go-ahead grand slam in the fourth inning. Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a tying home run in the seventh and Xander Bogaerts put Boston ahead with a sacrifice fly.With the best record in baseball and a playoff berth already secured, Boston (104-49) closed out a once-tight division race with nine games to spare. J.D. Martinez and the Red Sox, alone in first place since July 2, will open the postseason at home on Oct. 5 against an opponent to be determined.Never before had Boston finished in first place three years in a row. The club needs one victory to match the franchise record held by the 1912 World Series champions.It took three tries, but these Red Sox finally earned their chance to celebrate at Yankee Stadium under rookie manager Alex Cora.After starter Eduardo Rodriguez walked a career-high seven in 3 2/3 innings, knuckleballer Steven Wright (3-1) worked three shutout innings for the win.Brock Holt also homered for the Red Sox, and Martinez increased his major league-leading RBI total to 124 in a game that took 4 hours, 2 minutes.Luke Voit hit a two-run homer for New York. Chad Green (8-3) was the loser.ATHLETICS 21, ANGELS 3OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Marcus Semien had three hits and a career-high five RBIs, Stephen Piscotty homered and drove in four runs and Oakland hammered Los Angeles.The Athletics reduced their magic number for clinching a playoff berth to five. Since June 15, Oakland is a major league-best 58-25.Going into Thursday, Oakland trailed Houston by four games in the AL West, led Tampa Bay by 5 1/2 games for the second wild card, and was 2 1/2 games behind the New York Yankees for the first wild card.Catcher Francisco Arcia pitched the last two innings for the Angels, and also homered in the ninth.Piscotty was 2 for 3 with a three-run homer. He’s 4 for 6 with two home runs and nine RBI in his last two games. Matt Chapman was 2 for 4 with a double and two RBI. He leads the majors with 24 doubles since the All-Star break and has 41 on the year.Mike Trout hit his 36th home run for the Angels.Edwin Jackson (6-3) struck out seven and gave up two runs in 5 1/3 innings of three-hit ball. Matt Shoemaker (2-2) was the loser.BRAVES 8, PHILLIES 3ATLANTA (AP) — Luca Duda’s pinch-hit double drove in the go-ahead run in the seventh , and Atlantatook an important step toward winning the NL East by beating Philadelphia.Atlanta leads the second-place Phillies by 6 1/2 games following the opening game of the four-game series. The teams close the season with three games at Philadelphia, but the Phillies need to win at least three of four in Atlanta to retain hope of making the final series meaningful. The Braves have a magic number of four over Philadelphia to clinch their first division title since 2013.Freddie Freeman had two hits and scored two runs. He has eight hits in his last three games.Tommy Hunter (4-4), the Phillies’ fifth pitcher, gave up a leadoff double to Dansby Swanson in the seventh. The left-handed hitting Duda pulled the run-scoring double into the right-field corner, giving Atlanta the 4-3 lead. Jesse Biddle (6-1), the Phillies’ 2010 first-round pick, gave up one hit while recording two outs in the seventh.BLUE JAYS 9, RAYS 8TORONTO (AP) — Justin Smoak homered with two outs in the ninth inning to lift Toronto past Tampa Bay, dealing a blow to the Rays‘ wild-card playoff hopes.Smoak hit his 25th homer of the season and third career walk-off blast. Sergio Romo (3-4) blew his eighth save in 30 opportunities. David Paulino (1-0) pitched an inning for the victory as Toronto won for the fourth time in its past five.Trailing 8-2 to begin the ninth, the Blue Jays roared back to snap Tampa Bay’s five-game winning streak. Tellez hit an RBI double and Danny Jansen chased Jamie Schultz with a three-run homer. Romo came on and struck out Richard Urena, but pinch hitter Kendrys Morales singled and Lourdes Gurriel Jr. tied it with a two-run homer to left. Smoak followed with a first pitch drive to right.Jonny Chirinos (5-5) was the loser.WHITE SOX 5, INDIANS 4, 11 INNINGSCLEVELAND (AP) — Matt Davidson hit a run-scoring single with two out in the 11th inning to lift Chicago past Cleveland for the White Sox’s first victory at Progressive Field this season.The White Sox were outscored 58-19 in dropping their first eight games in Cleveland, including a 4-1 loss Wednesday when Jason Kipnis hit a grand slam in the ninth.Yolmer Sanchez doubled off Adam Cimber (0-3) to start the 11th and moved to third on a groundout. After Avisail Garcia was intentionally walked, Ryan Cordell struck out before Davidson singled to right.Hector Santiago (6-3) pitched three scoreless innings. Eric Haase was hit by a pitch to start the 11th, but Santiago retired Fransico Lindor on a fly ball, struck out Michael Brantley and got Jose Ramirez on a groundout to end the game.TIGERS 11, ROYALS 8DETROIT (AP) — Christin Stewart hit his first two big league homers and drove in six runs, leading Detroit past Kansas City.Stewart Gregor Blanco Jersey , a September call-up playing in his 11th game, became the first Tigers rookie to drive in six runs in a game since Ryan Raburn had seven against the White Sox on July 25, 2007.Six Tigers had at least two hits and Detroit snapped a seven-game home losing streak. Kansas City has lost five in a row. Zac Reininger (1-0), the second of seven Detroit pitchers, picked up his first major league victory. Nicholas Castellanos also homered for Detroit.Jorge Bonifacio, Hunter Dozier and Adalberto Mondesi homered for Kansas City. Jorge Lopez (2-5) gave up seven runs without getting an out in the second.METS 5, NATIONALS 4, 12 INNINGSWASHINGTON (AP) — Jose Lobaton hit a go-ahead sacrifice fly against his former team in the 12th inning and New Yorks beat Washington.Lobaton, who spent the previous four years in Washington before signing with the Mets in December, lofted a one-out fly ball off Jefry Rodriguez (3-3) with the bases loaded to score Amed Rosario.Jacob Rhame (1-2) worked two scoreless innings, and Paul Sewald pitched the 12th for his second save.Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper was ejected in the 12th for arguing home plate umpire D.J. Reyburn’s called third strike.Washington starter Max Scherzer pitched seven innings, allowing three runs while striking out 13. He has 290 strikeouts this year, the most for a National since the franchise relocated from Montreal before the 2005 season. Scherzer set the previous mark of 284 in 2016.REDS 4, MARLINS 2MIAMI (AP) — Cody Reed won for the first time as a starter in the majors, and Scooter Gennett homered and doubled to lead Cincinnati past Miami.Reed (1-2) allowed five hits and struck out six in six shutout innings. The left-hander joined the starting rotation Aug. 30 and has thrown 11 consecutive scoreless innings.Gennett’s two-run home run in the seventh gave Cincinnati a 4-0 lead.Jeff Brigham (0-3) was the loser. Talking about the Dodgers and the luxury tax is getting old. But here we are in January and the Dodgers are worse off than last year so far, with spring training a month away."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 2019 Spring TrainingProspectsCommentaryNews and NotesCommentaryDodgers are letting the luxury tax dictate their offseasonNew,998commentsIt’s getting oldPSTShareTweetShareShareDodgers are letting the luxury tax dictate their offseasonKirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsI don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of talking about the luxury tax. Yes, it’s a dumb rule that was collectively bargained for back in 2012 , but it’s exhausting to have to keep referring to it.The fact that the Dodgers — the Los Angeles Dodgers — are treating it like a hard cap this winter is infuriating. I was OK with it last year — I even wrote a bit about it. But the stipulation in my mind was that they were resetting the tax so they could spend a little more freely. Not necessarily a $250-300 million payroll (which they could afford), but to at least not be scared of the defacto salary cap.Here were are on Jan. 15 and the two premiere free agents — Bryce Harper and Manny Machado — are still unsigned. Harper and Machado, both 26, aren’t your typical free agents because of their youth. Rare is the time a player in his mid-20s hits the open market. Yet, the Dodgers aren’t really in on either one. There were rumors and I’ve heard behind the scenes that Harper does want to play for the Dodgers, but it’s up to the Dodgers to pony up the dough. That doesn’t necessarily mean bending to Scott Boras’ whim, but the fact that they’re reportedly not willing to go beyond 5-6 years for one of youngest and best free agents in recent memory is a terrible look.There are pros and cons to a Harper or Machado signing, but there’s risk in every acquisition. And the Dodgers — unlike most willing teams — wouldn’t be hamstrung if Harper doesn’t live up to whatever contract he eventually signs. Side note: Folks like to focus on the negative. But, what if he’s good? No one ever says that when debating the pros and cons of signing Harper. But I digress.The Dodgers have lost about 10 wins of production this offseason. They’ve lost Yasmani Grandal, Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Alex Wood and added Joe Kelly, Russell Martin and a couple prospects who are a few years away from contributing. They opened up a spot for Alex Verdugo, but there’s no guarantee he’ll out-produce Puig in 2019. Because the NL West projects to be not great, the Dodgers could probably go out and win the division with the squad they have presently. But after having a championship slip through their hands in 2017 and being outclassed last year, you’d think the prevailing thought would be to go all-in. Instead, Andrew Friedman — via ownership mandate or not — is treating the Dodgers like they were his Rays. And that doesn’t work in Los Angeles.We know the Dodgers stated they weren’t going to run a league-high payroll every year and it’s hard to truly complain about a nearly $190 million payroll, but when you almost literally print money and don’t use that to your advantage, that’s when you get folks to really start questioning your methods.———Since the Dodgers reset their luxury tax penalty Duane Kuiper Jersey , they should be spending a little more than they have so far. Let’s look at the Red Sox last season. The World Series champs ran a $239.5 million payroll. They had to pay $11.95 million in luxury tax penalties. They paid that tax and ended up with a championship, but the Dodgers won’t even consider going over the tax again? That doesn’t seem right. Of course, spending money doesn’t automatically ensure a title, but it definitely doesn’t hurt, either.We don’t know for sure that the Dodgers aren’t willing — they extended Clayton Kershaw for more than $30 million a season and gave Hyun-Jin Ryu the qualifying offer — but their moves since then, coupled with the report from the LA Times that they might stay under the luxury tax the next four years, makes it look like they won’t make a big financial splash this winter.One benefit the Dodgers have is their payroll. They can use it in a way that most teams aren’t willing to. They did so when they made the Nick Punto trade in 2012 and in other deals in the past that saw them take on and/or eat a lot of money to reduce the prospect price (Hanley Ramirez). Yet, they don’t seem willing to do it now.If the Dodgers had won one of the last two World Series, this might be a bit more palatable. But as it stands now, the Dodgers aren’t the best team in the NL. They had to go to Game 163 to win the NL West last season. They might be OK to make the playoffs and we know it’s a crapshoot, but when the premiere free agent has either already played for you (Machado) or wants to (Harper) and you’re not interested because of some artificial/self-imposed salary restriction is the wrong message to send fans.The Dodgers want to build the farm system and win that way. That’s fine. That’s a good strategy. But they don’t have any truly impactful prospects due up anytime soon. Verdugo is nice, but he won’t likely carry an offense. Keibert Ruiz is a stud, but there are questions about his power developing. Best-case scenario for him is a Grandal/Victor Martinez type. While good, those guys aren’t/weren’t true impact players. There is no Walker Buehler, Cody Bellinger or Corey Seager coming anytime soon. This is the prime time to supplement the lack of impact potential on the farm with one of the biggest potentially impactful free agents in recent memory.Pitchers and catchers report in a month. The Dodgers are worse now than they were at the end of the season. Here’s hoping that changes in the next 30 days because if the reason they don’t get Harper is because of the luxury tax, it’s going to be hard for ownership and the front office to live that down — especially if they fail for a third consecutive season in their quest to break the now 30-year championship drought.It’d be nice to never have to write the words, “luxury/competitive balance tax” ever again. Unfortunately, it isn’t going anywhere and the negotiations for the next Collective Bargaining Agreement promise to be eventful.

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