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Author Topic: Psyonix is in truth in truth animate the bend for Rocket League  (Read 25 times)


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Rocket League might be accepting an 80s-themed neon admission with Rocket League Items the accession of Velocity Crates next week, bringing a few decidedly agrarian new cosmetics on your supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-motors.

Rocket League is accepting DLC for all 30 Aloft League Baseball groups. The $three backpack includes banners, flags, and baseball hat toppers (the automobiles are like little people!) for each team. Even the Tampa Bay Rays. There's aswell a all-encompassing MLB banderole and banner, forth with a accession that shoots baseballs out the aback of the vehicle.

There's a attending at every club's cap inside the arcade below, sorted by way of department. In added Rocket League ceremony that clearly belongs at the foreground web page, I hit this banger a brace weeks in the past. Was this carried out LOLGA column an busy company to actualization you this tweet? A lath could never captive me.

Psyonix is in truth in truth animate the bend for Rocket League's birthday. To bless the recreation's handy 0.33 rite aback its launch, there's traveling to be new playlist with a desperate test to the way the acreage looks.