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Author Topic: Steps to Set up SBCglobal Email on iPhone!  (Read 38 times)


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Steps to Set up SBCglobal Email on iPhone!
« on: August 29, 2020, 03:50:55 pm »

Need to follow these steps:

1.   Users need to unlock his iPhone and go to the settings
2.   Then, click on the mail
3.   Click on Accounts
4.   Then the user to choose on add accounts
5.   Now the user has to choose other option and choose to add mail account
6.   Then, the user has to enter the name and description
7.   Now the user has given the SBCGlobal email ID and the password in the email & password filed
8.   Now user click at POP which is in the top of the screen
9.   Now update incoming mail server as
10.   Then, enter the SBCglobal email ID and password again and choose next
11.   Now the user should update outgoing mail server as
12.   Then, enter the SBCGlobal email ID and password once again
13.   Then the user has to choose the save option in the iPhone that has been configured to set up the SBCGlobal email account.

Hope that the provided steps are useful for you ‘Set up SBCGlobal Email on iPhone’. For more details and solutions related to SBCGlobal email login issues contact webmail help and get the solution instantly.

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