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Author Topic: Europeans are becoming more and more lustful  (Read 51 times)


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Europeans are becoming more and more lustful
« on: September 22, 2020, 05:19:12 pm »

Betrayal of loyalty is on the rise. A survey of 1.5 million members on dating sites found that most Parisians are "disloyal." More than half of those who cheat their partners are highly educated, and 22% are from the finance, banking and insurance industries. The main reason for betraying their partners is to test their own temptation.

"Sex Map" shows that in Greece, Poland and Brazil, 80% of people believe that sex is an important part of their lives, while in Thailand and Japan, this rate is only 38%. In Europe, Britain, Norway and Sweden, people are most eager to use sex toys, while in southern European countries including France, people seem to be less interested in sex toys/tpe sex doll.

Pornography mainly comes from the United States and Russia. According to data, 98% of pornography is produced in the United States, while the remaining 2% comes from Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Aphrodisiac is widely used in Vietnam, China, and South Korea. The phenomenon of sex trading is very common in some regions, and some people use aphrodisiacs to stimulate sexual desire. This phenomenon is most common in Vietnam, China and South Korea. In addition, because people believe that rhino horn can be made into a powerful aphrodisiac, the demand for rhino horn has increased sharply, and the number of rhinos has decreased sharply. Some thieves even steal rhino horn from museums and zoos in Europe and South Africa.