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Author Topic:]シャネル 靴 コピー[/url]. The Supreme Court while dealing with  (Read 615 times)


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 The argument of the party objecting to the enforcement of the said award was that since the international Arbitration award is not stamped as required by the Indian stamp Act,1899, it cannot be enforced in India. The contention of the enforcing party was that the award mentioned in the 1899 Act is only the domestic award and S.47 & 48 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act,1996 which is the procedural law in India, there is no mandate that only stamped awards can be enforced シャネル 靴 コピー. The Supreme Court while dealing with those contentions did not conclude if the stamping is mandatory or not for an international arbitration award and it simply said it is accepting the view of High Court of Madras シュプリームジョーダン偽物. High Court of madras followed Harendra H Metha of the Supreme Court of India and M Anasuya Devi which held that a foreign award can be assailed only in the seat of arbitration and in India it would not require registration or stamping. It further held that the enforcement of a foreign award could be refused under Section 48(2) (b) only if it is contrary to the (a) fundamental Policy of Indian Law (b) interests of India and (c) justice or morality クロム ハーツ パーカー コピー. It was further held that Section 48 of the 1996 Act does not give an opportunity to have a second look at the foreign award in the award enforcement stage シュプリーム ボックス ロゴ パーカー コピー. Hence the final decision of the court is that enforcement of a foreign award cannot be stopped since it is not stamped.

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