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Author Topic: Cold broke the news: star face sex dolls  (Read 313 times)


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Cold broke the news: star face sex dolls
« on: October 09, 2019, 05:15:34 pm »

Who is the favorite and most imaginary "dream lover" of Chinese men, I am afraid that there is never a single data to make a complete statistics. There is a common saying that this person is Japan's "Cang teacher", but the statement is destined to be just a saying. Recently, some netizens have found another way to find the answer to this question. The source of this answer involves two keywords - "Taobao" and "Sex dolls."
    Recently, Chinese netizens posted a message on Taobao and posted a message saying: "Is the original inflatable dolls like to make a star look? I searched, the most is Lin Zhiling, followed by Fan Bingbing, then Aoi. Inside the star, it seems that only Yang Mi and Liu Shishi, but not many."
    The reporter logged on Taobao for verification. When searching for “Inflatable Doll Lin Zhiling”, the number of items displayed in the “Solid Doll” item of the product category is “620”; when changing to Fan Bingbing’s name, the number displayed. It is "502"; the number of Aoi shows is only "175". In addition, Yang Mi has "8" products.
    For this phenomenon, female stars do not seem to be prepared. It is reported that Lin Zhiling is not angry at the auction of being a doll. "Thank you for your kind love to me. It is not a genuine Chi Ling sister. You must recognize it clearly."