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Author Topic: Nanyang Takes You to Understand BLDC Motor  (Read 176 times)


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Nanyang Takes You to Understand BLDC Motor
« on: February 06, 2020, 04:52:24 pm »

"BL" in BLDC motor means "brushless", that is, "brush" in DC motor (brushed motor) is gone.

BLDC motors (BLDC) have replaced mechanical commutators with electronic commutators, so BLDC motors not only have the characteristics of good speed regulation performance of DC motors, but also have simple AC motor structures, no commutation sparks and reliable operation And easy maintenance.

The BLDC motor is mainly composed of a rotor made of permanent magnet material, a stator with a coil winding and a position sensor (optional). It can be seen that it has a lot in common with DC motors, the structure of the stator and rotor is similar (the original stator becomes a rotor, and the rotor becomes a stator), and the wiring of the windings is basically the same. However, there is an obvious difference in structure: BLDC motors do not have commutators and brushes in DC motors, and instead use position sensors. In this way, the structure of the motor is relatively simple, reducing the manufacturing and maintenance costs of the motor, but the BLDC motor cannot be automatically commutated (phase), and the cost of the sacrifice is the increase in the cost of the motor controller. The drive bridge of a brushed DC motor requires 4 power tubes, while the drive bridge of a BLDC motor requires 6 power tubes).

BLDC motor has the following characteristics

BLDC motors have good external characteristics and can output large torque at low speeds, so that it can provide large starting torque;

BLDC motors have a wide speed range and can operate at full power at any speed;

The high efficiency and strong overload capacity of the BLDC motor make it excellent performance in the drag system;

The regenerative braking effect of the BLDC motor is good. Because its rotor is a permanent magnet material, the motor can enter the generator state during braking;

BLDC motors are small in size and high in power density;

BLDC motors have no mechanical commutator and adopt a fully enclosed structure, which can prevent dust from entering the motor and has high reliability;

BLDC motors have simpler drive control than asynchronous motors.

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