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Author Topic: How to use sex products to improve the quality of sexual life?  (Read 236 times)


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The use of sex products in the life of husband and wife can help to improve the quality of life of husband and wife and add fun to the life of husband and wife, especially when the passion of couples who have been married for many years slowly fades into the love of their lovers. It can bring freshness, the love world is full of passion again, and it can also bring positive effects to health. What to pay attention to when using couple's sex toys, we will continue to understand below:
I. Precautions for use:
1. When opening a sex toy that you just bought, you must first read the product manual, understand the use method and precautions, especially the sex toy that enters the body, and you must know whether the item is waterproof, manual, electric, or other uses. And how to use it.
2. When using sex toys, it is best to choose when you are in good physical condition. When you are in a bad state, such as getting sick, catching a cold, staying up late, local pain, and bad mood ... It is recommended not to use it. Do not force yourself to conform to your physical feelings. The use of sex toys is just a spice for couples' lives.
PS: To understand where this sex toy is used, don't put it in the wrong place. If you put it in the wrong place, the effect may be wrong.
二 、 Buy
1, condoms, you must pay attention to the purchase, the size and type of purchase and functions must be suitable for their own, not because some products are discounted or buy not suitable for themselves, such as a brand of condoms are suitable for 20 years old The following, so it is very important to choose one that suits you.
2. When buying sex toys, you cannot blindly seek excitement or cheapness, and ignore the importance of materials, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents or cause damage to you and your partner's body due to the quality of sex toys. For example, the use of male collars for too long can cause cell necrosis and prostate disease. In addition, poor quality massage sticks or men's collars are prone to break or fall off, so when you buy, you must think about it to avoid clumsy things!
3. Use lubricating oil when using a couple sex toys
For example, if couples use sex toys for a long time, they will cause various swelling, inflammation, and even serious health hazards caused by excessive friction on the organs of men and women. The use of lubricating oil can best solve this problem by effectively reducing friction so that you can enjoy for a long time without worrying about harming reproductive health.
Fourth, cleaning
Since most sex toys come into direct contact with sexual organs, you need to be extra careful in terms of hygiene. If it is not a disposable sex toy, it should be cleaned after each use. If it is a silicone-based application, it should be dried naturally after being warmed with boiling water below 80 ° C; and sex toys that enter the body must be matched with insurance. Set to use.
The use of sex toys is more to stimulate the life of husband and wife and enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but this effect will no longer exist, or even disgusting, after excessive use. The most important thing between a husband and wife is the relationship.

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